List Your Land

Get your property in front of the right buyers

**All listings must be at least 30% off retail in order to list.

Sell Your Land Faster By Marketing to Motivated Buyers

Epic Land Deals draws buyers who are looking to buy.  Selling land can be hard.  It’s harder to value and fewer people are looking to buy vacant land.  We market exclusively to serious investors and buyers so that your properties can sell more quickly.  The right property at the right price in front of the right buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you listing our land for us?

No. Epic Land Deals is only a marketplace.  We are not representing you or your land in any way.  You will write your own listings, upload photos, and provide information about your land.

Is it seriously free…what’s the catch?

The listings are seriously free.  We’re working on building a big marketplace focused on serious buyers and sellers.  We are offering free listings at this stage.  In order to protect the intention of the site, all properties must be at least 30%+ off of retail price.

How will buyers contact me?

You can leave your contact information on the listing platform.  When traffic moves to your listing people will be able to pull the contact information that you leave.

Why is it so hard to sell land?

Land has fewer buyers, it’s harder to value, and most people would rather just buy a house.  But the right buyers are out there!  We’ve seen it happen.