Dirt Cheap Land

Epic Land Deals specalizes in land property listings priced to sell.  Every single property on this website is listed at least 30-70% below the property market value.  Find your deal today!

For Sellers

Get your property in front of the right buyers.  We market our website to people who are looking to buy land, and move fast.  No more waiting for months or even years to sell your property!

For buyers

Find motivated sellers in seconds.  Every property on this website comes at a significant discount.  Many are owner financed.  No more time sifting through thousands of listings.

Our Story

We are land buyers that focus on landed property investments around the country.   We noticed two big issues in the land business.

First, as we interacted with more and more sellers we realized the need for a solution to help them to sell their land fast.  Land is hard to sell.  Sometimes it can take years to find the right buyer.  On top of that, most land sites focus on everything — farms, building lots, high value land, low value land, etc.  Most people’s properties were just getting lost in the noise.

Secondly, as budget minded land buyers, we found ourselves sifting through thousand and thousands of listings just to find the right pieces of property.  And then we we did find the right piece of land, often times the parcels would have easement issues or title issues.  It was seriously frustrating.

Enter Epic Land Deals — our website motivated land sellers with value minded land buyers.  We’re a small company based out of Nashville.  We love land, and we love helping people.

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